The price of mineral materials in the "pressure mountain" has risen generally

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Since 2017, the ceramic industry has been under the pressure of environmental protection, and the supply of ceramic raw materials has also faced the same situation. Shaanxi forced the closure of 50% rock quarry, Hebei shut down 1170 of open-pit mine, Guangdong Lechang twelve crossing the water reserve nature reserve in comprehensive mine closed exit, Gansu Zhangye Qilian Mountains mine closed exit, Ningxia off the Helan Mountain Nature Reserve are 86 mining enterprises in Guangxi nature reserve protection, shutting down all mines in Fujian, Changtai the validity period of all licensed mines enterprises to stop production rectification, Jiangxi Jiujiang strict rectification in the exploitation of mineral resources mining, cross-border exploitation of undocumented, destructive mining and other prominent illegal mining behavior, in addition to the Liaoning state-owned mines and private mines part of the environmental indicators standards, many other mines have gradually discontinued implementation.. - Environmental Supervision, to production, mining rights restrictions and a series of policies, eliminate backward production capacity in some mines. The prices of some ceramic materials related to mines have also increased in varying degrees.
Reporters have been closely concerned about the supply of ceramic raw materials, price increases. It is understood that the recent supply remains tight in addition to frit, some areas of the titanium dioxide prices also rose sharply. In addition, the price of potash feldspar has risen by 7-15% since environmental protection and mine control have been upgraded again.
Qingyuan, Huizhou and other parts of potash, albite ore closed down, prices rose about 7-15%
June 20th, the Qingyuan Municipal Bureau of economic and information technology issued the "Qingyuan 2017 annual utilization of integrated standards in accordance with the law to promote backward production capacity program.". Qingyuan source Tam Ceramic Industrial Park has become the focus of the Qingyuan "to production" action. According to informed sources, according to the local government planning, the future building ceramics production capacity at least to reduce 1/4 source tanzhen. At present, it has been clear that at least 2 ceramic enterprises with backward production capacity will be eliminated and 15 enterprises in the construction ceramics industry will be controlled, with a production line of less than 84. In addition to the ceramic enterprises, the source Lake mine also suffered heavy losses, according to when the mine owner said, the local potash feldspar mine almost all shut down. It is understood that, at present, Huizhou undocumented potash feldspar mine has been basically shut down.
Recently, the chairman of the Hengyang Tianyu ceramics mining Ge Zhiqiang Tao Wei network reporter, from the industry perspective, alkalifeldspar prices generally rose about 7-8%, while the price of their alkalifeldspar enterprises rose about 15%. The reason: first, mine standardization and shutting down lead mining resources shortage, some mines due to safety standards without the permission of lead mines will be shut down, some planning to become the natural ecological protection zone, as well as the original mine free competition business into planning orderly plan management, to ensure the sustainable and stable development of resources; second, the rise of ore production cost, labor costs, logistics costs; third, the survival of the fittest, the market demand change, the brand is now the ceramic enterprise is the pursuit of stability of products, ceramic raw materials have become increasingly demanding high quality.
Mr. Li Shandong Zibo a ceramic factory revealed that since September last year the implementation of the new regulations of Zibo local traffic, ceramic raw materials prices 10 - 20 yuan / ton, the beginning of Zibo due to production decline, oversupply, prices have come down, but overall, the overall price of raw materials has increased, especially from Henan, come from Hebei ceramic raw materials because of transport and depletion of resources and other reasons, the price increases greatly. Take the potassium, sodium feldspar which uses the ceramics factory more as an example, before 2016 September, the price range is in 90 - 120 yuan / ton, at present is 100 - 150 yuan / ton. To a Nissan 10 thousand multi antique brick production line, for example, potassium, albite than in 2016 September rose 20 yuan / ton, more than 200 tons of powder a day (potassium, albite, accounting for more than 50%), the cost increased by more than 4000 yuan.
A ceramic factory in Shandong Linyi responsible person said, because of the recent rising freight and environmental issues, with the factory of ceramic raw materials prices rise slightly, a few yuan to one hundred yuan, but they alkalifeldspar purchased at the beginning of 92 yuan / ton, 97 yuan / ton, or not.
Of course, according to different indicators, the price of potash feldspar is different. The following is the price of potassium and sodium feldspar, which is based on the supply information published in the first half of this year.
Titanium dioxide industry unprecedented
It is reported that since 2016, with the overall situation better, titanium dioxide prices continued to rise. At present, China's rutile products in eastern China market price of 19800 yuan / ton, compared to the beginning of 2016, 10500 yuan / ton low, nearly doubled. This year, the impact of environmental remediation, the domestic titanium concentrate prices continue to rise, Sichuan Panzhihua Iron and steel the latest offer for 1950 yuan / ton, compared to 2016 in early 630 yuan / ton low, or more than 200%. Titanium dioxide in June 19th the latest price of 19810 yuan / ton, the last 60 days rose 4.37%, 90 days up 10.92%, can be described as unprecedented gains. However, in June, titanium dioxide rose momentum slowed.
In addition, from July 1st onwards, the whole Asia Pacific region, the model titanium dioxide will rise 250 U. S. dollars / ton, equivalent to 2150 yuan / ton. Also, since July 1st, the international big three mu, titanium dioxide, Teno and Ishihara and other three international titanium dioxide giants began a new round of price increases in the range of 200 to 300 U.S. dollars / ton. Business Club data show that the current rutile titanium dioxide market average price of about 19695 yuan / ton, since this year, the price has risen by 23%, compared with the beginning of the price of 10900 yuan / ton, or up to 80%. In addition, in May 8th of this year, the international titanium dioxide giant Huntsman (Huntsman) also announced a global price increase of about 250 U. S. dollars / ton.
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