Why can China Ceramic headquarters promote the transformation of Huaxia Pavilion of Foshan Ceramic Fair?

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The Chinese ceramics after the reform and opening up the industrialization development of nearly 40 years of history in 2007 in Foshan Zhengrong, ceramic production as a watershed, so far 10 years, 10 years is the key of development, Chinese ceramic industry adjustment and transformation, the rise of the.
In the past 10 years, both from the supply to the China ceramic overcapacity, from low-end to high-end extensive and intensive, in this special period of development, China ceramic industry chain enterprises in various fields after another round of competition and shuffle, a group of outstanding enterprises continue to grow and the industry structure increasingly clear.
In this, from the date of its establishment as a high-end business platform of China Ceramic headquarters, is relying on "again and again" dare to the world first "strategic courage, always stand in the times bridge.".
In November 2007, the Foshan ceramics industry transfer, the government of Foshan put forward the background to create Foshan ceramic "headquarters economy" strategy, China ceramic headquarters positioning for the "Foshan ceramic headquarters platform", and officially started construction; in October 2008, the first phase of the project officially opened, the end of the Chinese ceramic industry not high-end ceramic enterprises gathering platform from history. Taking Foshan as the representative of the Chinese ceramic ceramic has entered into a new era of development of market leading brand.
To 2012, Foshan ceramics brands in a second tier city terminal investment is basically complete, of all kinds of exhibition enthusiasm weakened the industry background, undertake Foshan Tao Bo investment, operation of the China Pavilion China ceramic headquarters in the situation, the exhibition industry positioning for the new enterprise and personality, characteristics of the brand display platform, better activation in the homogenization of products in the market dealers and engineering purchaser show enthusiasm, both to enhance the vitality of the Foshan fair, and will Chinese ceramic headquarters influence to new heights.
It can be said that after 10 years of development, with a brave and innovative again and again, China Ceramic headquarters has become China's ceramic brilliant 10 years of experience and promoters.
The next 10 years, in China ceramic industry changes the tide, China ceramic headquarters will be how to locate? Recently, the newspaper reporter to interview Chinese ceramic headquarters operations general manager Tang Jieming.
Taking pattern and service innovation as core competitive power
At present, China ceramic industry chain, enterprises are facing tremendous pressure of competition, in the business platform in the field of shuffling effect is also very obvious, but China ceramic headquarters has always maintained a leader in this field, the key lies in the platform with the core competitiveness is better than others.
According to Tang Jieming introduction, the formation of China Ceramic headquarters core competitiveness, first of all depends on the company's shareholders and high-level positioning of the project at the beginning of the precise. The positioning of any business entity is a crucial part. The shareholders of the company had to format distribution in the overall layout of China ceramic headquarters, and before the public facilities service and the whole world intoxicated investment projects, have experienced a lot of research, starting from the ceramic enterprises the lack of service, China made precise positioning ceramic headquarters.
Thanks to the core competitiveness of Chinese ceramics headquarters in the business of the platform of the excellent aggregation, gathered in the enterprise is not a unilateral price for factors chosen to enter Chinese ceramic headquarters, they are in their own brand operation and promotion of a series of demand and the choice of cooperation with the platform. Obviously, only China Ceramic headquarters meet their needs, they will be possible to enter. Therefore, China Ceramic headquarters to trade and platform promotion has been as a core task.
At the same time, the core competitiveness of China's ceramic headquarters comes from the innovation and upgrading of the platform services. In the past, China's ceramic headquarters often used excellent building materials stores as the benchmark. After years of continuous participation and study, China Ceramic headquarters adjusted the service model. Now, China Ceramic headquarters in the overall operation and service, we set the target is Foshan south of the Five Ridges Xintiandi and Guangzhou Swire Pacific, so rich in format and service management superior project.
Tang Jieming admits, the service is not perfect, China Ceramic headquarters will do everything possible to achieve perfection in the overall ascension.
Let Foshan ceramic Expo China Pavilion features brand display platform
In October 18, 2010, the sixteenth session of the Foshan fair officially by the Foshan Chinese ceramic city group is the sole contractor, from April 2011 the seventeenth session of the Foshan fair, Chinese ceramic headquarters formally accepted by the Foshan Tao Bo Chinese Museum of investment and operation work.
Take Foshan Tao Bo Chinese museum operation at the beginning of the Chinese ceramic headquarters facing Germany professional exhibition companies from the Foshan fair, the platform for the first time contact industry professional exhibition investment, operation situation, in order to lay the first shot over Foshan Tao Bo China Pavilion, China ceramic headquarters in the first loss situation still, the completion of the exhibition hall during the Tao Bo investment and all activities.
Tang Jieming introduced, after hosting the fair, China ceramic headquarters found an interesting phenomenon during the exhibition, some small and medium-sized enterprises, many highlights of the full personalized and cost-effective products to be displayed, especially mosaic, waist and some small ancillary products are very eye-catching.
This allows China Ceramic headquarters began to reflect on the positioning of the China Pavilion of Foshan Ceramic Fair. Compared with well-known large enterprises, these small and medium-sized enterprises and some foreign trade companies need the strength of the exhibition as a support. During the exhibition, the products of this type of company have achieved very good reputation.
So, from the nineteenth Foshan Ceramic Fair in April 2012, China

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