Contrarian, which tile products brutally harvested in the market?

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Recently, the major areas of tile sales have appeared in varying degrees of decline or slowdown, some production areas have only experienced more than a month of the season, began 3 consecutive months of doldrums.
At this time, everyone's first reflection is that the market into the off-season, and some people attributed the reasons for the slowdown in the domestic economy, inadequate consumer demand or real estate regulation intensified. However, in the multiple ceramic production areas, we are surprised to find that, there are still some tile sales in rapid growth, such as large, modern antique brick, marble tile body (through), these dazzling star rises rapidly in the contrarian, savage harvest other factory original market share.
Unsalable ceramic tile and these contrast of new product, let a few manufacturer's sales manager lie in the gun is also reasonable. In fact, in the face of these new changes in the market, some manufacturers should be replaced by product managers rather than sales managers.
The age of how much to sell is coming to an end
A few years ago, when demand in the industry brilliant, as long as the ceramic tile production line, no matter how the quality of the products, almost all can produce the number of sales, but in recent years, resulting in environmental pressure in some regions of limited production, also repeatedly appeared the so-called shortage of false. Admittedly, environmental protection has become a decisive factor in restricting the development of ceramic industry, sudden severe air pollution, haze and a variety of inspection, inspection, meetings, activities, lying can make some ceramic producing ceramic enterprises in the sense of guns, light weight production shut down, it can be said as long as the first half of the year stable production environment of enterprises do not worry about tile sales.
But along with the domestic various areas of environmental protection situation further clear, new, change the line capacity of tile products continue to invest in the market, has always been the pursuit of low quality manufacturers, in the tide receded, the disadvantages of business at a glance. Thus leading to some areas of ceramic tile prices plummeted again after the vicious cycle of decline, seriously disrupting the entire market value system.
Although the current price, tile prices are still the most important factor in deciding which customer to buy. But as people's income and living standards, consumption upgrade trend is more obvious, consumers for tile product requirements is no longer cheap, and pay more attention to quality, the purchase will be looking for product quality or reputation is more reliable, more secure brand. Distributors will also pursue higher value-added products, more affordable and environmentally friendly tile manufacturers. "I appreciate your productivity, but I don't see your tile quality." the tiles that are not accepted by customers and consumers are stacked in the warehouse.
Dealers selling hunger strikes
At present, the importance and complexity of the ceramic tile market trend is not enough, the development of the industry today, environmental pressure and real estate just need to determine the ceramic enterprises is not necessary in the trend more tangled, but to explore some of the opportunities and development direction in small trend more on.
5 and June ceramic tile business is not good, and now some manufacturers and large dealers have inventory soaring, and some dealers in order to get the contract rebate, inventory far exceeds the monthly sales. The world is a for profit, world Rangrang all benefits to. Everyone is in order to make money, who sell tiles, who do stock, depending on whether the dealer earns money, and whether it is sustainable money. Only in front of sales in order to survive this cruel fact, if manufacturers are still not cater to the market selling a good tile product launch, for a long time, all customers, dealers and even your employees will think of enterprise value, only the processing of the body, the enterprise culture is the core competitiveness of imitation and plagiarism, No. Therefore, in this state the hungry sales dealers to get rid of, 'transformation will be a high probability that the integration pattern of manufacturers will also face severe challenges.
Therefore, manufacturers are now able to products in the body to do fine, the layout of more distant future, is very commendable, no matter what is the development of ceramic tile, ceramic tile to launch any are the largest reflecting corporate value, to dealers continued sales is the most good ceramic tile, and shall not only for a moment of the concept of speculation.
Hot summer, tile salesman running the market is not easy
Tile salesman to run the market season vary greatly, not long winded season, off-season months generally in 6, 7, 8, is also the most hot weather. At present, many ceramic enterprises in the development of sales annual sales tasks, is to set a lot, if every salesman has infinite potential, the annual growth of 10% or more, all to the boss feel shy.
Because of this spring tile price changes larger, some areas soared is a price one day, even a lot of customers after dozens of days can not get, the whole salesman covered mouth can't explain, coupled with individual manufacturers a quality problem hit edge ball, this time the top take the heat to high temperature, customers can run orders, gains aside, a punching bag is almost certain. A lot of customers and dealers due to regional scale, marketing, etc., when the reception clerk of the market in the off-season, for various reasons, will choose to continue to cost, quality policy, compensation to cover the risk of their own business to the manufacturers. This is a door-to-door salesman to the microphone, without any decision, in the absence of a few market selling tiles

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