Deep reading | pottery industry how to implement environmental protection counter attack?

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Ceramic industry is experiencing environmental protection from brutal disorder to the strict regulation of the rectification process, in this process, the focus of the whole industry attention seems to have been deeply attracted by the "environmental protection", in addition to the high standard and policy change and tighter, from the technical level, the present situation of ceramic industry environmental protection station in how? The macro level, environmental protection and has the characteristics of both inside and outside the industry compared to how different? How to seek when the pottery industry, environmental protection and promote the development of the policy? We invited the Jiangsu department for environmental protection science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as the "Department of environmental protection") chairman Liu Huai, for our FAQ, under the leader as one of the long-term environmental protection in battle ceramic industry first-line deliberation, he put forward his own views: "green development" concept of + third party governance, is expected to help the ceramic industry to achieve environmental protection counter attack means.
How the current situation of environmental protection ceramic industry? The ceramic industry of environmental protection started to late, compared with the power and chemical industries, in recent years, there are significant changes, and is continuing to experience a process from barbarism to strict regulations to rectify the disorder. The green storm swept across the country to ceramic industry development caused a serious impact, many ceramic enterprises were ordered to suspend production for rectification, strengthen the punishment, improve the enterprise pollutant emissions cost, environmental protection facilities are not in place of the enterprises will accelerate out in the "new normal" period, environmental protection policy has accelerated the serious pollution of the industry reshuffle speed. Previously, the ceramic industry is known as the "three high" hat, its high energy consumption, high pollution and high emissions of environmental protection has been criticized by the guardian, in recent years, ceramic industry has also been trying to change people's views on the pottery industry, social trends in energy conservation, environmental protection and low carbon, ceramic enterprises must transformation.
Ceramic enterprises how to ensure environmental standards? A few years ago because of Tao industry environmental policy is relaxed, the implementation efforts are not strict, many ceramic enterprises from the initial investment and operation cost considerations, most chose simple extensive environmental protection equipment. But after a few years of operation, such equipment has low efficiency, poor system operation, maintenance difficulties, low level of automation, two pollutants difficult to deal with a series of problems. With the increasingly stringent environmental policies in the past two years, more and more enterprises have begun to choose the high level of automation and stable operation of environmental protection equipment.
Taking Zibo as an example, after the area environmental protection is therefore the most stringent local standards, the ceramic industry, in environmental protection policies under high pressure, the area has experienced a process of environmental protection equipment upgrade across the board so far, ceramic equipment and technology comparison of Zibo area the other ceramic producing areas, have advanced. The existing environmental technology and equipment in Tao industry can not only cope with the current environmental policy requirements, but also cope with further stringent environmental policies in the future. At present, the state environmental protection standard of ceramic industry the latest draft for dust is less than or equal to 20mg/Nm (18%O2 reference oxygen), fand SO2 30mg/Nm fand (18%O2 reference oxygen), hot blast furnace NOx = 100mg/Nm (18%O2 reference oxygen), fand NOx = 150mg/Nm (18%O2 kiln fand benchmark oxygen) advanced environmental protection equipment can make the existing dust reach less than or equal to 10mg/Nm, 50mg/Nm, SO2 < fand fand NOx 100mg/Nm fand (8.6%O2 reference oxygen). How should the industry seek environmental breakthrough? The ceramic industry should have the concept of green development. Whether from the ceramic industry, or from the country's macro level, this concept should be equipped with.
As a kind of building decoration material, ceramic tile is closely related to people's living environment, aesthetics and decorating life. Looking at the vast market of China's construction industry, all kinds of buildings rely on ceramics to decorate and reflect their style, which reflects the quality of life and aesthetic perception of building owners. Ceramic enterprises should have higher positioning and pattern, and can not let the people mistakenly think: ceramic industry is the "three high" industry, ceramic technology production is "dirty and messy" state.
In other words, the ceramic industry at this stage of development should be to keep up with the changes in people's taste, keep up with the pace of the development of the times, ceramic enterprises should be the gene! The idea of green development is the age of the gene which is very important on the one hand. No matter which industry, to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading, if you leave the concept of green development. Then, how to reflect green development and cleaner production from the production process, how to reflect the concept of green development from energy saving and emission reduction, is a key.
Tao enterprises should consider how to set up factories from the surrounding people, communities, parks and even the natural environment can be integrated development, to seek a sustainable green development road. What aspects of the ceramic industry can learn from other environmental protection ideas and ways of promoting environmental governance? I think the ceramic industry is particularly suitable for the introduction of the third party contracting governance, this environmental governance model. In fact, it is a kind of "nanny type" environmental management, management, operation mode. Ceramics factory give environmental protection standards and emissions requirements, by third party companies to design the construction of environmental protection and environmental protection equipment, management and operation of the environmental protection equipment, ensure environmental pollutant emission values after treatment could meet the requirements of the local environmental protection bureau, and ceramics factory in accordance with certain time to pay the cost of pollution and environmental protection enterprises.
First of all, in the ceramic industry, the real environmental governance in the initial stage, many enterprises have not really put into mass landing and continued operation of environmental protection equipment, in this stage to introduce the third party contract governance mode, environmental governance is already mature industry, has more advantages.
Secondly, in view of many small and medium-sized ceramic enterprises, faced with fierce market

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